For almost two decades Craig Roberts has been spearheading the innovative and profitable efforts of companies throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, India, Africa and the Caribbean in breaking new ground and expanding their reach. Executive director of the Portfolio Risk Solutions team of BMS International Intermediaries, Ltd., since 2002, Roberts developed the BMS II risk modeling capability and played a major role in successfully negotiating placement reinsurance business in the London and overseas Reinsurance Market. Previously, as deputy class underwriter/vice president of XL Brockland, Limited, (Lloyd’s managing agency owned by XL Capital), he utilized sophisticated rating models in conjunction with external risk modeling outputs. During his tenure at XL Brockland, he sat on the Brockland Security Committee and served RITEC as a specialist on the Reinsurance Market Committee, working closely with the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Roberts extensive experience in insurance and reinsurance marketing began as a senior broker with Fielding & Partners in 1986. In 1992 he moved on to Cullis Raggert Limited as senior broker and later was assistant account handler there until 1994. Then he joined the firm of E.W. Payne (later Sedgewick Re) as assistant director. During this time Roberts also served as chairman of the London Market Under 35’s Reinsurance Group.

These experiences, coupled with Robert’s innate ability to analysis the risk and forecast the potential of products and people in various combinations, make him an excellent resource for both investors and finance-seeking entrepreneurs. As general manager of Praetorian Advisors London Office, he offers the company’s clients a superior level of financial expertise, global experience and personal contacts that are invaluable to both sides of an investor/start–up company equation.